Between A Stone And A Soft Place
2 February — 30 March 2024

Words & Curation by George Bangs
The middle distance between inner and outer worlds. A lens surveying the features of spaces traversed on a voyage from what we see to who we are. Measurable things draped in the ephemeral gossamer of their spirit. 

Azul Camacho (@blue.cholla)
A nighttime walk. Light collecting in pools across the glancing boughs of swaying trees and folded grasses. Fenceposts glisten with a magnificence usually left unnoticed in common things. But from these angles small acts carry grandiose mythos and every living and dormant object is cast in a role that denotes significance. Spend some time and you will notice, luminescence is innate to the world around us.

Lucas T. McMahon (@lucastmcmahon)
Windows looking out on vast malleable expanses of dreamlike space. Anchored by small totems open to the imbuement of memories & meaning from each visitor. Alongside these windows slowly undulating vessels rest, poised to commingle with each viewers interpretation–melancholy, peaceful, brimming with hope, lonely, violent, delicate, or something else–fully taking shape only when they are seen.

Jordan Garelick (@jordangarelick2000)
Decisive brushstrokes cut through an aura of fog that saturates these landscapes. Set at a distance, familiar forms coalesce before eddying back into larger swirling engulfments. Great ships coasting along undefined horizons imbued with some grand metaphoric narrative. Cities brought into relief by the absences in the spaces between forms. Walls dancing with the vitality of their inhabitants. All is one.

Ainsley Gilbard (@ainsley.ceramics)
Striking silhouettes blend rugged seriousness of medieval motifs with an intuitive easiness of form that flirts with the vogue. At first glance the surfaces of each vessel seem laden with the weight of history—either smooth worn from centuries of handling, or pitted and pock marked by the elements— but upon inspection these appearances are revealed to be self imposed meta-histories. An armor adorned mirror, the appearance of a past that never was.

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